Public Transport Solutions

Managing, monitoring and cleaning air in the toughest urban environments. As more people switch to public transport let us help you manage the quality of the air they breathe.

The toughest of urban environments

High footfall, diesel vehicles, excessive surrounding pollution levels and high emission retail outlets make for the perfect storm of pollutants at transportation hubs. Whether traveling or working, governments are encouraging use of public transportation over personal vehicle use, how are you planning to protect your staff and customers from air pollution? 

Innovative solution

The toughest urban environment needs more than just a filter. We have developed a modular solution specifically to meet the needs of public transportation; 

  • High airflow (2000 m3hr-1)
  • High pollutant removal efficiency (95%)
  • Ultra-slim format (30 cm depth from the wall or ceiling)
  • Ultra-low maintenance

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