How healthy is the air in your building?

Helping building owners and tenants to map, monitor and analyse the air make-up in their buildings and provide clean air solutions for their occupants

Air pollution in the work environment

In urban areas, a significant proportion of indoor air pollution is due to outdoor air pollution that penetrates through the buildings. As modern buildings have become more efficient and airtight, so has the potential for poor air quality. Shutting the windows in an office may help to prevent heat escaping or particulate matter from vehicles from getting in, but it also has the negative side effect of trapping respired CO2 produced by the office’s occupants.

NO2 that has been brought in from the outside through the ventilation system is also recirculated, accumulating and leading to unhealthy exposure levels.

Improve your indoor air quality

We provide a range of indoor air quality solutions starting with a detailed analysis of your current indoor environment to recommend the most effective solution for your space.

With our high performance filtration we can clean your air of particulate matter and gas pollutants, as an integrated installation into your existing HVAC system or stand alone.

Coupled with our cloud analytics platform we provide the digital tools you need to easily monitor and analyse your indoor air quality. Our Clean Air as a Service model ensures low cost of ownership and easy maintenance and operation.

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