Tracking an invisible killer in your vehicles

Give your drivers and passengers a breath of clean air

The air in cities features a complex mix of toxic emissions trapped between infrastructure. This creates pollution hotspots.

Drivers and passengers are protected by seat belts and air bags, but not from air pollution, which can be 2.5 times higher inside a vehicle than in the street. Exposure to air pollutants affects driver-fatigue and alertness.

Our commercial transportation solution

Airbubbl removes up to 95% of harmful nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter within ten minutes. Reducing pollutants improves drivers’ working life and passengers’ comfort. It can result in 5% fewer accidents 14 , 3.2% fewer sick days 15 and increase productivity.

Product USPs

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

With a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 30m3/h, the AirBubbl is class leading for its size and price. This level is needed to be able to quickly and effectively clean the air within the typical vehicle cabin.

Removes PM2.5 and gaseous pollutants

Air pollution doesn’t just consist of Particulate Matter. The other half of air pollution is made up of toxic gases, NO2 and Ozone being the most prevalent ones. HEPA filters, even the best ones, only capture PM, but not gasses. AirBubbl captures it all.

Delivers clean air where it matters

The airflow inside the car cabin is complex. AirLabs has created advanced computer models of this and designed the outgoing airflow such that the clean air is directed to the driver and passengers. It’s so effective that we have patented it.

Safe and secure, no matter what

It's important to know that any air cleaner is secured safely. The AirBubbl has successfully passed independent crash tests.

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