At Airlabs we understand the exact chemical makeup of pollution in cities, how to effectively clean it with the right materials, and how to deliver clean air in the best way possible.

Our international team of atmospheric chemistry scientists, airflow engineers and sensor specialists have developed cutting edge and scientifically proven solutions for measuring, mapping and cleaning urban air pollution.

Mapping, Measuring & Monitoring

Our solid-state air quality sensor devices, offer a unique combination of high accuracy, compactness and low operating cost. These smart devices enable large-scale deployment of high-resolution, real-time air pollution monitoring networks in cities around the world.


Airlabs has developed a completely new filter technology that removes an extremely high percentage of toxic gas molecules and particulate matter from air streams, without obstructing the airflow.

This patented nano-carbon filtration technology is the first of its kind and allows Airlabs to create highly efficient air cleaning solutions for both indoors, outdoors and in vehicles.

The most recent innovation is the Airbubbl, a device specifically designed for cleaning the air inside vehicles. Airbubbl is the only product that removes up to 95% of pollutants and does this faster than any other product on the market today