Airlabs solutions and technology are developed through a combination of atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering and are implemented alongside our proprietary re-engineered nano carbon filters that effectively remove up to 95% of Nitrogen Dioxide together with other pollutants.

Airlabs’ technology has been independently tested and verified by Kings College London at their monitoring station on Marylebone Road in London.

“This is a promising approach for decreasing pollution concentrations in specific micro environments in urban areas.”

David Green, Kings College London

The Airlabs way of cleaning

Airflow Engineering models the polluted area

Using airflow and pollutant sensors we first model the target area and use advanced computational frameworks to optimize directional flows of clean air.

Atmospheric Chemistry develops effective technology 

We conduct detailed analyses of the make up of pollution in our advanced laboratory in Copenhagen and develop the best materials to clean the air. 

Airlabs solutions are applied to the polluted hot-spot 

Gas pollutants  are captured using a reaction with our proprietary materials. Particles are removed using  a combination of physical trapping technologies. 

All of our solutions are:

 Low energy needed to power technology

Low maintenance needed in upkeep

Incorporated into sensor network to create smarter solutions

Carbon negative by removing black carbon

Flexible in shape and size to fit any area