Pollution Pods

Airlabs technology is cleaning the air in a sensory and perspective giving art installation.

British artist, Michael Pinsky, has designed Pollution Pods, a series of inter connected domes, each simulating a different pollution cocktail from cities around the world: Beijing, New Dehli, London, Sao Paulo, and Trondheim, Norway.

An Airlabs air cleaner is running in the Trondheim dome to not only simulate the fresh air of Norway, but to ensure that it is actually clean from harmful pollutants.  The other domes have been filled with simulations of the pollution mixtures found in the respective cities.

Going from the feeling of breathing particle pollution from Beijing winter, the most polluted time of the year, to breathing nitrogen dioxide in London in the summer, is something you can only experience in Pollution Pods.

The installation is part of STARMUS, a festival celebrating arts and sciences, with world renowned astrophysicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, on its board. Professor Hawking has stated that air pollution is one of the top 3 threats to our global society.

Pollution Pods is commissioned as the capstone project for Climart, a research project combining psychology, natural sciences and art to understand the impact of visual art on perceptions of climate change.

The installation is open until 7 July and can be found at Festningsparken, Kristiansten Festning, 7015 Trondheim, Norway (map here).

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