CleanAir Bench at Somerset House

Airlabs had a super successful exhibition last weekend!

We met many engaged citizens who were passionate about finding solutions to London’s air quality crisis.

Thank you to our fellow exhibitors Greenpeace UK, King’s College Environmental Research Group, David Farnham, and all of the other amazing artists and contributors. Also big thank you to the Solar Sound System and DJ Jarvis Cocker, from Blur, who provided tunes for us out on the River Terrace all day Saturday and kept our spirits high even in a mild hailstorm!

We had a great time sharing our first prototype of our CleanAir bench with the world and were happy to clean the air for exhibition goers. The bench is currently located at the Quad at King’s College Strand Campus and will be there for the next month. Feel free stop by, sit down, and give your legs and your lungs a break!

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