Airlabs Project Engineer, Carl Meusinger, Awarded Talent Prize from the Innovation Fund

Carl Meusinger, Airlabs Project Engineer, has just been awarded a highly prestigious prize in the Danish Research community: The Innovation Fund’s ‘The Year’s Talent Award 2017’.

The prize highlights and honours a group of pioneers who have created valuable solutions for society. The winners are all examples of what curiosity, innovation and hard work can accomplish.

Carl was awarded the prize based on his work developing a new solution for the cleaning of industrial air pollution. The solution is both cheaper to install and operate than traditional systems. His innovation can help to reduce the number of people who die every year prematurely from health effects associated to air pollution.

Airlabs solutions are developed and optimized with the knowledge and dedication Carl displays, which has also earned him this prize. Carl is a strong asset to the Airlabs team and we are proud to celebrate this significant accomplishment.

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