What can citizens do about air pollution?

With all the concerning news about air pollution and environmental degradation today, it is difficult to know what individuals can do to make a difference. Air pollution affects health world wide, has enormous economic costs, and is detrimental to the environment in many ways.

Many people feel like they cannot personally have an effect, but that is not true! By joining initiatives, making lifestyle changes, and engaging with the community, people can prevent and reduce air pollution.

A different approach, complementary to the implementation of Airlabs technology, is taking preventative actions for air pollution. There are many different types of ways to reduce and prevent air pollution. Some of these include using public transportation and biking whenever possible instead of driving, helping developing areas acquire clean cooking and heating systems that do not burn coal and biomass, recycling and reusing whenever possible, and contacting leaders to make a change in your city. By making these small lifestyle changes, and inspiring others to do so as well, you can protect the health and quality of life of your community.

The Climate & Clean Air Coalition is working on many very impressive initiatives to bring together all sectors to make a change. They have 11 different initiative focuses which include diesel, waste, finance, health, agriculture, and household energy. Click here to see a full list of initiatives. For anyone that has a specific interest or skill set, this is a fantastic way to get involved to maximise your personal effect! CCAC also provides tools such as webinars and training if you are interested in improving your knowledge and skills.

The CCAC along with the World Health Organisation and UN Environment have worked together to create BreatheLife. BreatheLife is an impressive initiative with the goal to cut deaths caused by air pollution by 2030. They also provide many great resources as well as tips and ideas on how to make a difference. BreatheLife allows for many different sectors to get involved, such as individuals, health professionals, and leaders.

There are plenty of other non-profit organisations, such as Greenpeace, that have both local and international initiatives to get involved in. Through these groups you can surely find a method of action that works for your personal goals and capabilities!

If you wish to contact government officials directly and ask for change, there are many different website to make it easier! Here are some helpful resources for the UK and for the US.

Airlabs is taking action by developing and implementing technology which is a direct way to stop the effects of air pollution for humans and has the potential to make an enormous difference in people’s health. This technology can be used by both public and private sectors, NGOs, and citizen groups By placing this technology in city pollution hotspots, it can make cities more liveable and much healthy for people around the world!

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