Airlabs wins the Innovative Technology Award, sustainable city awards London

Airlabs won the Innovative Technology award at this year’s prestigious Sustainable City Awards in London.  The awards, run by the London Sustainability Exchange and funded by the City of London Corporation, recognise companies that have achieved excellence in sustainable development.

Airlabs’ work with the CleanAir Bench has been awarded the Innovative Technology award, for its application of new technology for smarter and more sustainable city life.

The bench was designed to reduce exposure to air pollution in hotspots, for example on Bird Street, directly off Oxford Street, a highly polluted high street.

It is the targeted application of air cleaning that makes Airlabs technology innovative and sustainable.  It is not the ambition to clean an entire city, but to clean the air that is most polluted where people are in cities.

The CleanAir Bench is a prototype of the work that Airlabs can do.  Airlabs will continue to roll out projects like this to continue the fight against air pollution in cities in the UK, Europe, and around the world.

We thank the London Sustainability Exchange for this great honour and their recognition of the significant need to address the air quality issue in the world’s cities.

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