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The air inside your car is only as clean as the exhaust from the car in front

The air quality inside a vehicle is currently a big health concern. Toxic emissions from other cars, especially diesel engines, are drawn into air circulation systems and while some HEPA filters help to remove particles, they don’t collect nitrogen dioxide! So far there isn’t an effective solution to reduce a drivers exposure inside their cars. Until we created the airbubbl.


The levels of nitrogen dixoide can be 21% higher inside a vehicle than on the street.


Research has found levels of N02 over 400ug/m3 inside cars in traffic – 10x the legal limit.

2 cigarettes

The equivalent of 2 cigarettes worth of N02 can be inhaled while sitting in traffic for 1 hour.

The Airbubbl. is the first technology of its kind to effectively remove Nitrogen Dioxide from inside vehicles…

>95% Nitrogen Dioxide Removal

Designed to go around your headrest, the airbubbl. draws in polluted air and removes nitrogen dioxide along with all other pollutants before releasing clean air back to the driver and passengers.

Optimised Airflow

The Airbubbl. is optimally designed to have the maximum effect inside a car and advanced CFD modeling ensures that clean air is delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible.

A Driving Necessity

The airbubbl. is perfect for families who want to protect their children from air pollution, professional drivers who spend hours in traffic, and asthmatics who are adversely effected by pollution.

“We have dedicated years to researching and developing technology to create clean air zones in cities. When our research showed just how harmful levels of pollution were inside a car, and with Airlabs having the only proven technology to tackle them, we knew we had a duty to develop the Airbubbl.”
Sophie Power – Airlabs Co-Founder