At Airlabs we understand the exact chemical makeup of pollution in cities, how to effectively clean it with the right materials, and how to deliver clean air in the best way. We are the first company to combine these capabilities to pioneer clean air zones inside cities.

We believe it’s ineffective to clean the air mass of an entire city. But the air we breathe is a much smaller proportion. By focussing on cleaning hotspots – places of high pollution, people and dwell time so we can have a much larger impact.

Airlabs creates clean air zones by developing new infrastructure or integrating into existing formats

What Airlabs offers cities

Consumer Products

Solutions to give citizens the power to reduce their exposure throughout the day, whether at home, on their commute, in their vehicle or in their office.

Small Zones City Solutions

Creating clean air street furniture or integrating into existing products and HVAC systems to create clean air zones.

City Consulting

Working with governments to understand the pollution in their cities by analysing air flow, pollution make up and locations, to design effective solutions.