92% of the worlds population are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution

It’s our mission to reduce people’s exposure to air pollution by creating clean air zones in cities.

Billions of people globally breathe unhealthy urban air which damages their health and reduces life expectancy. We aim to make a real difference by cleaning polluted hotspots close to where people are.

We understand the exact chemical makeup of pollution in cities, how to clean it and how to deliver cleaner air in the best way. We are the first company that can have an impact on the quality of air people breathe.

At Airlabs we combine atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering alongside our own proprietary re-engineered nano carbon technology that effectively removes >95% of Nitrogen Dioxide along with all other pollutants.

What Airlabs removes from polluted air






Hydro Carbons

We create clean air zones in polluted cities that are immediately actionable, effective and cost efficient

Consumer Products

Solutions to give citizens the power to reduce their exposure across the day, whether at home, on their commute, in their vehicle or in their office.

Hotspot Solutions

Creating clean air street furniture or integrating into existing products and HVAC systems to create clean air zones.

City Consulting

Working with governments to understand the pollution in their cities by analysing air flow, pollution make up and locations, to design effective solutions.


The air in your car is only as clean as the exhaust from the car in front!

The air quality inside a vehicle is currently a big concern, with Nitrogen Dioxide levels being found to be up to 10 times higher inside a vehicle than outside it. Toxic exhaust fumes from the car in front are being drawn into car cabins and although many car filters help remove particles, they don’t collect nitrogen dioxide!

With the only proven technology that can make a difference we have been hard at work developing a solution that will help reduce you and your family’s exposure to the toxic air inside your car.

The first effective way to protect yourself from toxic air pollution inside your car.

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